Basketball Foul Shot Instructions: Press the PLAY button to start. You have 30 seconds to make as many shots as you can. To make a shot: 1. Place your cursor on the game. 2. Click and hold down the mouse button. You will see two basketballs move toward each other at the bottom of the game. 3. Try and release the mouse button at the exact time that the two basketballs meet. If you can make at least 14 shots, you get to move on to the next round and add to your score.
Cube of Concentration Instructions: Spin the cube around by clicking on the arrows. The object of the game is to match the symbols. When you find a match, the symbols will be removed from the cube. Remove all the symbols to win. Use the RESTART button to start over. Turning off COLORS will make all symbols black and white. Turning off HIDDEN will show all the symbols all the time and make for an easier game.
Snowball Fight Instructions: Use the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth. To duck and/or pick up a snowball, click on the down arrow. To throw the snowball, press the spacebar. The longer you hold down the spacebar before throwing, the harder you will throw. Try to hit the other kids as many times as you can while avoiding their snowballs.
Honeycomb Instructions: The goal of this game is to connect a bridge of your pieces from one side of the board to the other before your opponent does. To place a piece, simply click on an open space on the board. Red is trying to connect from the top to the bottom, and blue is working from left to right.
Smite Thee Instructions: Use the mouse to move, the spacebar to fire lightning at the non-believers and B to bless believers. If you bless believers while they are in the temple, a piece of the temple will be restored. Click to start.
Leapfrog Instructions: Score points by eating bugs. To jump, hold down the left or right arrow key (depending on which way you are going), then release it. The longer you hold down the key, the higher your jump will be. While you are jumping, hit the spacebar to attack bugs. Each kind of bug is worth a different number of points. The alligator chases you back and forth, but can only get you when you are sitting on a lilypad. You also must avoid the bird that sometimes swoops by with very little warning. Each time night falls, you lose a life unless you caught one or more bugs that day. With each passing day the bugs fly slightly faster. After the 15th day, more valuable bugs occasionally appear.
Deduction Instructions: Try to guess which five pegs the computer has choosen. You will get feedback after every guess. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your cursor, the up and down arrow keys to change pegs, and the spacebar to complete your turn.
Pretty Extreme Snowboarding Instructions: Use the arrow keys to guide your snowboarder down the mountain. The DOWN arrow points you straight down the mountain, which will allow you to get up to the maximum speed. The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys change your snowboarder's angle in the direction of the arrow (from your perspective, not the snowboarder's). To go off a jump, simply ride over it. Tricks: Grabs: (hold the button to keep grabbing) Indy Grab Z Stalefish Grab X Tail Grab C Method Grab V Spins and Flips: (rapidly press the appropriate key combination in order) Backside 180 LEFT, RIGHT Frontside 180 RIGHT, LEFT Backside 360 LEFT, UP, RIGHT Frontside 360 RIGHT, UP, LEFT Backflip LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT Frontflip RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT Railslides: ride up to the jump at the same angle as the rail, and hold the spacebar to slide.
Bubble Trouble Instructions: Pop the bubbles by shooting your bubble at clusters of two or more bubbles that have the same color. When a match is made, you get an ever-increasing number of points as each bubble pops. Any bubbles, regardless of color, that are hanging off the group you destroyed will also pop. This will earn you even more points per bubble. You can increase your score by including a bonus multiplier in the match. The multiplier is applied to the entire score from that match, including all hanging bubbles that were removed. However, multipliers that are not inside one of the matched bubbles don't count. At intervals, the bubbles drop down one row as the ceiling descends. When a bubble reaches the bottom the game ends. With each passing level, the ceiling drops more quickly. There is a fixed starting position in each of the first 20 levels, and thereafter you begin with three random rows of bubbles. For really big scores, try to combine multipliers, which are multiplied together. Also, try to build large hanging groups that you later destroy. But don't get too greedy or you won't get through the level! OPTIONS: Bubbles stick to ceiling: Turn this off to let bubbles bounce off the ceiling. Moving gun: Turn this on to keep the gun sliding back and forth. Auto firing: Turn this on to make the gun fire automatically as soon as the previous shot is finished. Random levels: Turn this on to start every level with three random rows of bubbles. Keyboard aiming: Turn this off to use the mouse instead of the arrow keys for aiming. Use high score eligible settings: If other options have been changed, clicking this button will restore the default settings so that you will be allowed to submit your score at the end. Skip to level: You can enter any level number, for practice purposes only.